„Sosem voltam nagy szurkoló, ám amióta a Leedsnél dolgozom, azzá váltam! A hangulat, a szenvedély nagyon gyorsan megragadott. Manapság már én vagyok a leghangosabb drukker a lelátókon”mondta korábban Emma Louise Jones a Sunnak.

A csinos riporternő – aki 2017 óta tagja az LUTV stábjának – a másodosztályú bajnoki címért járó trófeát is kölcsönkapta egy fotó erejéig.

Finally got my hands on it

One day soon

Family, friends, neighbours and health are an absolute priority right now. But when this is all over and we can hug again, I cannot wait to be back here, to watch the scenes as football fans embrace each other once more. And treasure, more than ever, the game they love so dearly.

A lot of you have asked for updates on my car situation. I finally handed the rental 'bus' (that I actually grew pretty fond of & named her Norma!) back and the 'turbo' I didn't know I had ended up costing me £1300 When I went in to the garage to pay I said to the guy on reception "Hiya, you alright?" And his response was "Better than you!" And I think that just about sums up the car saga Thank you to you all for your advice and help, it meant a lot. My little, white whip is back on the roads clocking up those miles! #HappyMonday

First day back at Elland Rd since it became a Premier League ground