Balázs Dzsudzsák sang the Hungarian anthem among the fans after the match (Photo: Károly Árvai)


"This match was not about me, it was about the Hungarian national team, the Hungarian fans and Hungary. I have to thank my parents, the team and all my coaches. I am grateful to everyone who helped make me wear the world's three most beautiful colors 109 times, to say goodbye in the world's most beautiful stadium and to say thank you in front of the world's best fans," said Balázs Dzsudzsák, who also spoke about his captain's armband.

"I also said in the dressing room that the team is not about one person. The national team is not only made up of Zoltán Gera, Roland Juhász, Gábor Király, Balázs Dzsudzsák, or Dominik Szoboszlai. Despite all that, the team captain's armband is a huge responsibility, we represent this country to the very end."

"If I managed to do it from Nyírlugos, a town of four thousand people, then anyone can do it. We're just doing what we love, but our fan base is incredible. From Hungary to France, they are with us everywhere marching, and Europe is terrified of them. You and we only get the good things lately, so be proud of this team, this country. You are the greatest," Dzsudzsák told the fans.

After the match, Zsolt Kalmár, who has been struggling with a knee injury for a long time, also spoke about his dreamlike return to the national team.

"I dedicate my goal to Dzsudzsák; he's a fantastic player with a great career behind him. I am very happy because I am here after a long time, I scored a goal, and the team won. I could not have imagined this evening better. I worked hard for this. With my goal celebration, I wanted to show that those who didn't believe in me can believe again because I'm here again."

Roland Sallai, who scored the first goal of the match, also said that he was going through a difficult period, but in the end, everything worked out well for him.

"The false nines system worked well, but it needs to be perfected. Congratulations to Kalmár, he decided the game in three minutes. Most people don't know how difficult this year has been for me; I was millimeters away from losing my sight. I had my highs and lows this year, but I finished high at the very end. I came back even stronger, and my goal today shows that."

 Puskás Aréna, 50 983 spectators. Referee: Chiffi (Italy)
HUNGARY: Dibusz (Szappanos, 90+2.) – Botka (Lang, 71.), Orbán, A. Szalai – Fiola, Styles, Á. Nagy, Dzsudzsák (Ádám, 53.), Kerkez (Zs. Nagy, 53.) – Sallai (P. Dárdai, 72.), Szoboszlai (Zs. Kalmár, 90+2.). Head coach: Marco Rossi
GREECE: Pashalakis – Rota, Hadzidiakos, Recos, Janulis (Kiriakopulos, 68.) – Bakasetas, Kurbelis (Papanikolau, 86.), Buhalakis (Hadzijiovanis, 68.) – Masuras (Duvikas, 86.), Joanidis (Fundas, 60.), Mantalos. Head coach: Gustavo Poyet
Goal scorers: Sallai (15.), Zs. Kalmár (90+3.), and Bakasetas (81. – penalty)

Translated by Vanda Orosz