Granada announced Uzuni's contract on Monday (Photo:


It is not easy if we want to set up the NB I transfer records, as clubs, with one or two exceptions, do not officially announce the players' purchase price. Only Transfermarkt keeps track of the selling price of the footballers based on data (whether speculated or real) from player managers. Also, it traces the order from which it can be roughly estimated in euros, since this currency was first introduced in the European Union in 1999, what players were paid the highest amounts.

It is hardly surprising that the list is led by the Bosnian national team player, Muhamed Beš, who returned to FTC last fall. He, thanks to his performance at the 2016 World Cup, was reportedly sold to Everton in the Premier League for  £4 million (€4.8 million) at the time, according to Transfermarkt. CEO Pál Orosz said that at the time that only 30 percent of the purchase price went to FTC, and 70 percent ended up at the player's management and his former club Hamburg. In addition, various sources later reported that they had paid a lower amount for Bešić, but it is certain that his purchase price was over 3 million euros, which is still a record amount in NB I.

The Albanian national team player, capped 22 times, Myrto Uzuni, was sold by Ferencváros to Spanish topflight Granada on Monday. He is now somewhat close to his former teammate's record as Transfermarkt says the Spanish club will pay €3.5 million for him. The history of the two players exemplifies one of the possible ways in which domestic clubs can sell players from NB I to top leagues. Bešić and Uzuni were both stable national team players, and after several years of professional experience and excellent performances on the international stage, they could change clubs. The former did it mainly due to his performance at the World Cup, the latter was excelling in Ferencváros, the Champions League, and the Europa League.

Another way of signing abroad is when U-team youngsters who are considered great talents sign with Western European clubs with little or no experience in adult teams. As the 17-year-old Zalán Vancsa has done now, according to Transfermarkt, he signed with City Group, a holding company that also operates Manchester City, for 3 million euros. Belgian club Lommel announced the winger's transfer on Monday under the condition of joining his new club from the summer while remaining on loan at MTK.

The Blue and Whites have a tradition of selling talent abroad, as, like Vancsa, Krisztián Németh, who joined Liverpool from MTK in 2007, is also on the list of the market portal with a sales price of €3 million.

Transfermarkt keeps track of 12 players who reportedly left Hungary for at least €2 million. Seven of them are Hungarians, and five are foreigners. Four of the latter left Ferencváros: in addition to Uzuni and BešićFernando Gorriarán of Uruguay and Somália of Brazil (although in his case the French Toulouse paid almost one million less than the indicated EUR 2.4 million). Zoltán Gera (2004, FTC – West Brom), who is also on the list, also left Fradi, so five of the 12 footballers were sold by the Green and Whites. Only two of the Hungarians, Roland Sallai (who joined APOEL in Cyprus from Puskás Akadémia in 2016) and Bendegúz Bolla (who joined Wolverhampton in 2021, which loaned him to Grasshoppers in Switzerland), played for the national team last year. However, it is encouraging for the future to see that, together with Bolla, Uzuni, and Vancsa, three players have signed for at least €2 million abroad from NB I within six months. 

The most expensive NB I sales, according to Transfermarkt. (In addition to players' names and positions, the date of transfer, the estimated value of the players at that time, their nationality, their new club, and their registered transfer amount are in millions of euros). Click on the picture for the full list!