Péter Gulácsi sings the Hungarian national anthem after the victory in Leipzig. Next to him are Dominik Szoboszlai and Attila Fiola (Photo: Attila Török)

This time, Péter Gulácsi achieved a sensational victory as a member of the Hungarian national football team at his home stadium in Leipzig. The behind the scenes of an unforgettable success and a wonderful jubilee.

What else can we start with but say: this is how to celebrate!

And what else can we do but congratulate Péter Gulácsi on his fiftieth cap! And on another fantastic victory.

„It was a special 90 minutes for me in many ways as I have been playing in Leipzig for seven years" – said the 32-year-old goalkeeper, who answered Hungarian journalists' questions as he came out of the away dressing room exceptionally. – „This is my home stadium, my home pitch, which was obviously an advantage because I came to a familiar environment, which also helped my preparation. This match will be a great memory, and also because it was my 50th national team match. What is certain is that this game will stay with me forever."

However, the list of unforgettable matches is growing – European Championship qualifiers, European Championship group matches, and miraculous Nations League victories to name a few. Let's take just two of Hungary's “most recent” successes: a 4-0 win over England in Wolverhampton on June 14 (for historical accuracy, Dénes Dibusz was the goalkeeper during that game) and a 1-0 win over Germany on September 23. The question „which was the greater success?” even came up.

„It's hard to compare the two, let's say one was a greater feat than the other" – Péter Gulácsi reflected. – „The fact that we managed to win against two teams like them in a row is a sensational achievement. Moreover, we deserved the three points then and now as well. Although, against Germany, there were periods, especially in the second half, when we were trapped, the home team played more in a passive field dominance. They pushed us in front of our goal, but they could not create many opportunities, they only had one or two and a goal, which was unarguably an off-side one. We didn't want to open up at that stage of the game, maybe we could have defended a bit higher, but when you face a team as strong as Germany, it's not easy to do so. At the same time, we had better opportunities to score, we even created two or three of them and could have finished the game. It was a nice win for sure, and it's even better that Ádám Szalai scored our goal. We often say that football writes interesting stories. This chapter was one of them. Everyone knows what Ádám Szalai means to the team and what he means to Hungary. If anyone, he deserved this goal."

And Péter Gulácsi deserved to keep his net out of goals. He did what he had to do, he was confident throughout the match and even saved Leroy Sané's shot.

Gulácsi Péter, who was a goalkeeper at home, didn't have to be particularly worried. The only time the Hungarian goalie of Leipzig increased was when the German striker Thomas Müller headed the ball. (Photo: Imago Images)

„You could feel that the Germans were trying, but they couldn't really get a grip on us. We defended well, we closed down the areas well” – the goalkeeper said. – „Our aim was definitely to win! It's no exaggeration that in the first half, we did a very mature, well thought-out, good performance, we attacked a lot, and no one can say we took the lead without deserving it. We defended well, we had dangerous counter-attacks - we deserved the win."

These three points mean that Hungary will start the next Nations League series in League A, and the number of memorable matches for Péter Gulácsi will continue to grow. If Hungary's hopes are fulfilled, he won't have to wait that long, that list could expand with the NL final four next June...

„We made it to say in the league, we achieved the goal we had set for ourselves” – said the goalkeeper, who put on the national team jersey for the first time on May 22, 2014, in the friendly match of a 2–2 draw against Denmark. – „If somebody had come told at the start of the series that we were going to stay in League A with one round to go, we might not have believed them. But as the games went on, we felt more and more that we were worthy rivals for everyone, the great performances followed one after the other, and that was good for our confidence. We came to Germany knowing that if we won, we could lead the group. Unfortunately, the latter didn't come true, but on Monday, in front of a full house at the Puskás Arena, we could play like a final against Italy. Looking at it from this point of view, the scenario could not have turned out better. It will be an amazing atmosphere, but I can say that we felt at home in Germany, too. I hope we can overcome this obstacle with the support of our fans. Of course, we will try to win that clash as well, or at least get a result that will keep us on top of the group. It's a final against Italy, a 50-50 match, and it's great to say that."

And even to play it!


June 4:
HUNGARY - England 1-0
June 7:
Italy-HUNGARY 2-1
June 11:
HUNGARY-Germany 1-1
June 14:  
England-HUNGARY 0-4
September 23:
Germany-HUNGARY 0-1
September 26, 8.45pm: HUNGARY – Italy

1. Hungary 5 3 1 1 8–3 5 10
2. Italy 5 2 2 1 6–7 –1  8
3. Germany 5 1 3 1 8–6 2 6
4. England5231–7–6 2
England relegated to Division B