Nego (in red) feels that the team was close to an even bigger surprise (Photo: Károly Árvai) – CLICK ON PHOTO TO OPEN GALLERY!

„I think the boys followed the tactical instructions throughout the game, but in the meantime, they fought heart and soul and added something extra. We were also lucky. We played with an English team that might not have been on the top. That may have contributed to the draw. As far as I know, we haven't lost at Wembley for the first time since 1953. It's hard to accept that you're a hero in Hungary if you win and you're an idiot if you lose. We played an incredible European Championship three months ago, but I already said during the World Cup qualifier draw that it would be a dream to participate in the tournament, but our dreams are over. Nevertheless, it always hurts when the not-so-real fans write us off as a failure after a bad result” – Rossi said at the post-match press conference.

After the clash, several players rated the match in front of the camera of M4 Sport, which broadcast the match. Szabolcs Schön, a striker for FC Dallas, was the first to tell his opinion about the draw.

„Over the last few days, we've been talking about what needs to be changed, what we need to add to our game. Everyone put their hearts and souls into the match, and everyone fought until their last breath. We really deserved that point today. We talked about going out on the pitch playing bravely, and not defensively. Of course, if the game wants us to defend deep, we'll do it, but if there's an opportunity, we'd rather play forward, and I think that's worked out for the team well. We wanted to show everyone today that it was not just a coincidence that we almost advanced from the group at the European Championship this summer. We have shown that we can compete with England as well” – Schön, who was in the starting lineup in Hungarian national team the second time, told M4 Sport.

Loic Nego, who played a role in earning Hungary a leading penalty kick, revealed that he remembered the situation before the high foot, although he was not sure if the foul had occurred within England's box.

„We realized something was missing from our game, like we played a little shy in the last two games, but we were able to change that. Now, we had a very different attitude, we wanted to prove that we are able to surprise our opponent, which we did. I think we were close to an even bigger surprise. We followed the tactical instructions, everyone gave the maximum to their abilities” – evaluated the game Loic Nego, who then addressed the situation before Hungary's leading goal when he was awarded a penalty.

„I remember the penalty: I saw that I was not in an advantage, and I also saw that the English player could only reach the ball with his left foot, which ended with hitting my head. Luckily, the referee saw the foul and also noticed it was inside the penalty area. I neither saw nor perceive the latter” – Nego said. 

 Ádám Lang was looking to the future after the match.

„Wembley is the sanctuary of football, and playing here, playing in that atmosphere definitely gives extra motivation. Unfortunately, we're a long way from the World Cup, we have almost zero chance, if not zero. The next games should be used to analyze how we got here, and what were the mistakes that led us here. It's a lot harder to qualify for the World Cup than it is to the European Championship, but our goal was still to qualify. Everyone's a competitive type, and obviously, we're not going to the pitch without wanting to win. We had a great series, we didn't lose through 13 or 14 games, we had good performances, and sometimes luck was on our side, too. Then, there are times when we don't have a good day, things don't come out the way we want them, but that doesn't mean the team doesn't want to win. We have to handle it well as well as when everything is on track. We have to think about the future, build and prepare for the next big series. There will be matches that are not without stakes, but they can be used to improve and play more courageous football, as we did today” – Lang told the M4 Sport reporters.


England – HUNGARY 1–1 (1–1)

 Wembley Stadium, 69 380 spectators. Referee: Alejandro Hernández (Spain)
England: Pickford – K. Walker, J. Stones, Mings, Shaw – Rice, Foden, Mount – Sterling (J. Henderson, 76.), Grealish (B. Saka, 62.) – Kane (Abraham, 76.; Watkins, 90+2.). Head coach: Gareth Southgate
Hungary: Gulácsi – Á. Kecskés, Lang, A. Szalai – Négo (Bolla, 90+2.), Á. Nagy, Szoboszlai (Nikolić, 90+2.), Schäfer (Vécsei, 79.), Zs. Nagy – Schön (Holender, 68.), Sallai (Hahn, 79.). Head coach: Marco Rossi
Goalscorers: J. Stones (37.), and Sallai (24. – penalty) 

1. England 8 6 2 24–3 +21  20
2. Poland 8 5 2 1 25–8 +17  17
3. Albania 8 5 3 11–7 +4  15
8 3 2 3 13–12 +1  11
5. Andorra 8 2 6 7–19 –12  6
6. San Marino 8 8 1–32 –31  0