Winner Kristóf Milák after the men's 100m butterfly final (Photo: MTI)

– We can't see the smile on your face.
– Because I'm dead, that's why.

– According to an Internet portal, you are the European champion in the 100 breaststroke as well...
– Yes, captain Csaba Sós and my coach Balázs Virth seemed to have shown me this during the evening, but I was lying half dead at the time.

– Now, tell us a little about that. You won the 100 butterfly and about ten minutes later, you were in the 200m freestyle semifinals. From what I hear, you're a bit...
– ...a bit tired. I said in the morning that I was either going to cry or dig a grave - it was grave digging. The hundred butterfly went well, though not as good as I would have liked. But I've talked about this before: if I don't have someone next to me who can bring out the best in me, that's what happens. For now. I'm working on being able to get the most out of myself on the hundred on my own. I don't feel as good on the 100m butterfly as I do on the 200.

– How did you approach the start of the 200?
– It was very tricky. I was cooling down, I felt okay and then came the 50m turn. I got a little bit scared there, I was over at 100 meters, I tried to get as far ahead as possible, to get everything out of myself, but I could already see from the time results of the first semi-final that I really had to pull my socks up. I'm under a lot of pressure, that's how it is – I'm in great shape, but I need to be more prepared for this. The key here was that I had to swim the 200m after 100m, and the 200 after a heavy load is a bit of a pain... I gave it my all. In the relay, I really put it all on the line. I was happy with the second place, the Italians were two body lengths ahead of me, I couldn't have made up for that with a very good time either. I am not so happy with my time result, but I am happy with the silver.

– Head coach Csaba Sós said that this was a good day to see what you could do as an athlete always pushes his limits.
– That is why I am here. And also to have a little vacation. I told both my coach and the captain that I was coming on a holiday in Rome - with all due seriousness. So far, I have two golds and two silvers, but unfortunately, I can't increase my medal tally in the 200 freestyle. But I will do the in the 200m butterfly.