"Our team implemented our ideas to the maximum that we had discussed before the game. Obviously, we had to make some changes for ten players, but the individual and team play worked very well," Stanislav Cherchesov evaluated, who was then asked about the next game against Kisvárda and the group's chances.

"I can't predict what the future will bring and where we will finish in the group, I'm not a fortune teller. Therefore, I also don't know what will happen against Kisvárda, we have two days to prepare for the next game, we'll see who will be in what condition.”

We also asked about his decision to select the starting line-up, which was made up of excellent performers Muhamed Bešić and Bálint Vécsei as opposed to the Aïssa Laïdouni and Anderson Esiti duo that started in most of the qualifiers.

"Laïdouni missed training due to illness, but the ones we chose did a great job, they are part of the team, everyone starts on equal terms," said Cherchesov, who was also asked if he had thought of sending in defenders after the break and opting for a more defensive tactic to keep the score.

"We didn't change our tactics because we wanted to win and we couldn't give up the chance to attack," said the Russian coach, who, like his Turkish colleague, refused to comment on the Italian referee's actions.

Cherchesov was satisfied with his team's performance (Photo: Miklós Szabó)






Budapest, Groupama Aréna, 17 987 spectators. Referee: Maresca (Italy)

Ferencváros: Dibusz - Wingo, S. Mmaee, Knoester, Civic - Vécsei (Laïdouni, 76.), Bešić (Kovačević, 89.) - Zachariassen, Nguen (Gojak, 76.), A. Traoré - F. Boli (Botka, 20.). Head coach: Stanislav Cherchesov

Trabzonspor: Taha Tepe - Stryger Larsen, Bartra, Vitor Hugo (Elmali, at the break), Denswil (Djaniny, 72) - Gbamin (Hamšík, after the break) - Ömür (Bozok, 60), Bakasetas, Bardi (Yazici, after the break), Trezégé - Maxi Gómez. Head coach: Abdullah Avci

Goalscorers. FTC: Nguen (5., 44. - the second from a penalty), Adama Traoré (29.). Trabzon: Maxi Gómez (39.), Bozok (71.)

Red card: Ćivić (16.)

Translated by Vanda Orosz