Peter Stöger says support from their fans may be needed (Photo: Károly Árvai)

Nemzeti Sport asked Ferencváros coach Peter Stöger whether, since the team must win in order to have a chance of finishing 3rd in the group, more emphasis will be placed on the attacking game.

„Unfortunately, it's not that simple that we just have to be more aggressive, be more offensive. We have a more complex task ahead of us in order to continue our international appearance in the spring. We've done well on home ground so far, but we know we're going to need a perfect game to win three points. We had encouraging solutions during the away games, but saw our mistakes, and the goal for tomorrow is to make fewer mistakes. We have to pay attention to the defense because Celtic is attacking well.”

Also in response to our question, he summed up his experience of the first match, in which the Scots won by two goals.

"Regarding the first goal, we can say that we didn't put enough pressure on the opponent, so it was easy for them. If we leave them space, they take advantage of it. Such mistakes cannot be made at this level. We had some well-built counterattacks, but we also have to make better decisions in attack. On paper, we are not the favorites, but we earned points on home ground with the help of our fans.”

FTC striker Tokmac Nguen said Celtic was one of the strongest opponents against which he played for the Hungarian team.

„The Scots play special football: their wing defenders are doing something not so normal. But we're playing on home ground tomorrow, so this is our chance.”

He was also asked if he had already settled his disagreement with Myrto Uzuni seen in the match against MTK.

„It was just some small things. We've talked about it since then, which I think was seen in our last game as well.”

1. Leverkusen 3 2 1 7–2 +5  7
2. Betis 3 2 1 8–5 +3  7
3. Celtic 3 1 2 4–8 –4  3
4. FERENCVÁROS 3 3 2–6 –4  0