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Swimming: I don’t write myself off – Boglárka Kapás

"Because of the Olympics and my younger sister’s death, it took me some time to find myself, but I think I did it."

Hungary always came first! – Milos Kerkez

He decided at a very young age that if he ever got far in his career, he would like to be a Hungarian national team player.

Expedition in the empty room – Heights and Depths is a film about absence and mourning

The Hungarian film, Heights and Depths, tells the story of Zsolt Erőss through his wife, Hilda Sterczer.

„The baby-faced blondie bumps into everyone” – András Schäfer, the lucky number 13

"I'm rarely satisfied, but what I've experienced so far as a national team member has been fantastic.”

The Hungarian national team is looking for a new captain

Ádám Szalai played 86 matches for the Hungarian national team and scored 26 goals.

Freiburg: Roland Sallai might play in the national team matches in November

If everything goes well, Roland Sallai will start training with the ball in two weeks.

If that wasn’t a penalty, I will go back to South Korea on foot – Martin Ádám

Ádám Martin praised Ádám Szalai effusively after Szalai's last game for Hungary.

I can confirm that Dzsudzsák will retire after playing against Greece - Rossi

The head coach thinks that Dzsudzsák also deserves the farewell celebration that Szalai has received.

For Gulácsi, the recent match against Germany is one of the best memory

„It's a final against Italy, a 50-50 match, and it's great to say that.”

Hungarian national team: We could crown this series with the group final against Italy – Rossi

„Ádám Szalai is a player who, unfortunately, was and still is much more highly respected abroad than in Hungary.”

Pál Dárdai: I've never once felt bored

We had a talk with the former national team head coach in his home in Berlin.

Dániel Gazdag: It makes sense that I'm valued higher now than I was before

Talking about the American life he loves, his son's goals, the increased interest, and hopes of a first-place finish.

Ádám Szalai announces his retirement from the national team – official

The captain said an emotional farewell, thanking the Hungarian fans who are "unique in the world."

Attila Mocsi: I owe the most to Ricardo Moniz’s arrival

"I will represent the Hungarian ethnicity of Slovakia in the national team" • Kevin Varga: I hope there will be a surprise.

Marco Rossi: What we have achieved so far has earned us the respect of many

"We're on the right track, but we're not the new Golden Team," says the head coach.

Hungarian athletes' memorable interactions with Queen Elizabeth II

A handshake with the Queen of the United Kingdom: the winner of the Miklós Toldi competition in Békéscsaba amazed Her Majesty.

We took a step forward, and that's all that happened - Cherchesov

“Our defenders got depleted, but we'll find a solution. It was amazing to see so many Fradi fans at the away match.”

Hungarian national team: Our goal is to prove that we are not afraid of Sané or Kimmich – Rossi

"What we did at Wolverhampton was extraordinary, but we're not a golden team nor a phenomenon."

Puskás Akadémia signed a player raised at Arsenal

The club has signed a one-year contract with 26-year-old Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill.

Pál Dárdai: I’m not going anywhere just for money

"Sooner or later it all comes to an end, everyone knows that," he said of his time in Hertha.

We deserve our place on the volleyball map

Although it was no problem to qualify for the European Championship this year, another generation change is inevitable for the women's national team.

Foreign players: Gazdag's 19th goal, Philadelphia won by knockout – video

The Hungarian scored for the fifth-straight game in the MLS, and also gave an assist.

Europa League: We definitely wanted to win - Cherchesov

It never crossed his mind to bring in defenders after the break. He explained why Laïdouni wasn’t a starter.

András Schäfer: I feel that I am moving forward step by step

The football fever in Berlin intensifies as Union, that's performing well in the Bundesliga, kicks off the Europa League.

FTC could face tough opponents in the Europa League

Ferencváros' rivals are doing their best to make a big splash in the Europa League.

The Men’s European Basketball Championship is over for Ádám Hanga

"I'm not leaving Cologne with the best taste in my mouth, especially because I have to do it against my will, due to an injury."

From tractor repairman to top scorer – Jan Koller the Czech recorder, who played padel in Szentendre

"My first car was a very old Škoda. I wasn’t let into the parking lot because I was told I couldn’t park there with such an ugly car.”

Dzsudzsák's farewell match could be the end of a great period

Debrecen's midfielder will play his 109th match and could be the solo record holder of the most caps.

Cycling: Attila Valter made it to the Netherlands from the garage in Csömör

From 2023, the fourth club of our road cyclist's professional career will be Jumbo-Visma.

Cycling: Attila Valter has transferred to Jumbo-Visma – official

„Team Jumbo-Visma is a top team that guides its riders very well to a higher level.”

MLS: This hat trick is a masterpiece – Dániel Gazdag

Dániel Gazdag scored three goals in the 6-0 win over Colorado. He got the match ball and set a club record.

Nothing is certain – Many players could reach the top in the US Open

The US Open starts on Monday, without one of the biggest stars of the men's field, Novak Djokovic.

Europa League: According to Fradi players, Gera could've drawn more luckily

The Green and Whites' players had mixed reactions after the draw.

Martin Ádám has already earned an MVP title in South Korea

The Hungarian striker has also made it to the K League 1’s team of the week.

The national stadium was named after Ferenc Puskás twenty years ago

The national stadium was named after the most famous Hungarian twenty years ago, and the 2002 Hungarian national team also attended the ceremony

Kristóf Milák: What can I do? I cannot swim slower!

The Hungarian world-class swimmer continues to fly, but in addition to butterfly, he is also getting better in freestyle.

Water polo: I would only be satisfied if we won a medal – Soma Vogel

By winning the BENU Cup, Hungary's men's water polo team tuned up for the European Championship.

ECL: We proved we can play football well – Michael Boris

„The red card changed the game, we exploited the vulnerability of our opponent's defense.”

Swimming: We cannot sit back – Csaba Sós

The national team head coach believes that Hungary has experienced a change of generations on the European stage.

Swimming: You haven't seen everything yet – Kristóf Milák wants to go even higher

The gold medalist listened to the anthem at the top of the podium together with Richárd Márton.

Multi-sport European Championships, Gymnastics: Zsófia Kovács was not in 100% condition, and yet she won the European Championships

The gymnast from Dunaújváros would like to go to the World Championships with an even stronger routine.

European Aquatics Championships: I’m a little tired – Kristóf Milák

"I said in the morning that I was either going to cry or dig a grave in the evening – it was grave digging.”

Foreign players: I think I can reach my goal in Türkiye, too – Nemanja Nikolic

"In the past, I kind of knew where I was going and what was waiting for me, but not this time. However, I have no fear, but more so curiosity."

UCL: Theoretically, we were fully ready, but in reality, we weren’t – Cherchesov

"My job as a coach is to analyze the match without emotions."

Ákos Kecskés received an attractive offer from LASK

“I have considered several offers, spoken to many people, and Nizhny Novgorod has also indicated that the club would be happy to extend my contract."