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Szoboszlai: Don’t sulk, concentrate!

"I have to perform in a way that the coach doesn't even think about putting me in the substitutes next week."

Melbourne is the Trianon of Hungarian sports

After the Revolution, one third of Hungary's Olympic team emigrated, and their football also suffered a heavy loss.

Stöger's team wanted to play football better than Rebrov’s – this caused the downfall

Compared to last year, Ferencváros has performed better numbers in most of the offensive statistics this season.

Foreign players: Dániel Sallói tore his ankle ligament

The 25-year-old Hungarian national team striker is expected to be on forced rest for a month.

EL: We lack good quality in these matches – Stöger

“I saw that Celtic’s footballers wanted to score goals, but I can't say the same about our players..."

Truck racing: Norbert Kiss did it! He is now a three-time European champion!

He won the European Championship title in the first race on the closing weekend of the European Truck Championship in Misano.

Hungary-England: MLSZ has already banned the identified disruptors

The investigation initiated by the federation (MLSZ) into the World Cup qualifier in the Puskás Aréna is coming to an end – with severe sanctions.

Hungarian national team: We showed we are determined – Schäfer

Following the 1–1 draw against England, the midfielder gave an interview to Nemzeti Sport.

FIFA 2022: This English team wasn't on the top – Rossi

Loic Nego remembers the moment before the penalty; Ádám Lang is already looking ahead the next qualification.

The president of the party torpedoing the Budapest olympic bid resigned

András Fekete-Győr became known with the NOlimpia campaign.

Hungarian national team: Botond Balogh replaces Willi Orbán in the squad!

The Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) has made a deal with Leipzig, so a rookie could debut at Wembley on Tuesday if Parma's defender plays.

Marco Rossi: Will we get to the qualifying play-offs? No, definitely not

Marco Rossi would love to hear anyone who has a suggestion that is suitable for expanding the squad and has not yet been considered for the national team.

"We played football as Jimmy Hogan taught us”

Jimmy Hogan who also had a significant influence on Hungarian football had his new gravestone unveiled in Burnley.

MTK's succesful English coach finally gets a fitting memorial

Three-time champion Jimmy Hogan had a big impact on Hungarian football.

eSports: What do Ferenc Puskás, István Hajdú B. and FTC have in common?

In connection with the release of FIFA 22, we review the common history of Hungarian football and the iconic game series.

Bálint Vécsei: I’ve always believed I would get an invitation again

The player, who returned to the national team after seven years, also responded to Peter Stöger's words of praise.

Who will push Messi and Ronaldo off the throne?

Time is slowly passing over the two geniuses, too — the big question is whether young players will be able to dominate an era like the two of them.

There’s still anger and indignation in him, but he loves swimming – an honest interview with László Cseh

“I start to understand and believe what I’ve achieved.” ● “I’m angry with György Turi!” ● I loved swimming.”

Fencing: I’m going to go for the missing titles! – Áron Szilágyi

The legendary saber fencer could participate in three more Olympics as he’ll only be 42 years old at the Brisbane Games…

Balázs Baji: The moment of farewell has arrived

The WC bronze medalist hurdler has finished competing, but he is not leaving athletics behind.

László Diószegi: The hatred will end one day...

Sfântu Gheorghe is already preparing for the inauguration of the new 8400-seat stadium.

Tokyo 2020: crying, laughter, pride, and struggle – the stories of Hungarian referees

There was one who scored her own athlete, and the other got accredited against her brother-in-law.

The Hungarian Sports Journalists' Association condemn and reject unjust attacks on the Hungarian men's national football team

„We condemn and reject the media-led campaign to punish our country and we don't want anyone to believe what the mainstream international media is unreasonably saying about Hungary.”

Thomas Doll: I want to work!

The former head coach of Ferencváros, who would like to return to work, is expecting a baby with his Hungarian wife.

UEFA, FIFA: terrible double standards – severe punishment here, no consequences there

The European federation has hit hard Hungarian football in recent months.

Lewandowski: I hope the game against Hungary will be a dead rubber

Golden Shoe winner Polish striker spoke highly of the Hungarian national team.

In the top leagues, last Kubala scored seven goals; Zsengellér is a foreign player record holder

After Myrto Uzuni's six-goal performance, we looked at the number of goals scored in a match.

Hungarians with armband: Gulácsi, Kubala, Dárdai, Juhász, Dzsudzsák

Péter Gulácsi, who was appointed captain of Leipzig, had predecessors, but not many.

Marin belongs to FTC – the total value of NB I has increased by nine billion forints since last year!

After the European Championship, there was no increase in foreign interest in Hungarians, but more and more foreign national team footballers come to Hungary; the foreign player rate is 41.6 percent.

”We have collected some video materials hoping that the authorities will investigate them” – interview with Roderick Duchatelet

He never goes to the referees' locker room, but at least he finds the recent decisions strange

FTC: World Cup third-place Germany's player was recommended; negotiation is still in progress

Marko Marin, 32, most recently has played in Saudi Arabia but had also previously appeared in Chelsea and Sevilla.

Video: Tatabánya defeated Real Madrid 40 years ago

22,000 spectators attended the match, whole Europe surprised.

FTC: I would like to play international stakes matches in March as well – Stöger

The head coach of Ferencváros considers it the best decision that he signed with the Hungarian champions.

Olympics: Hungary is the region's best performing nation

Only Hungary finished in the top 20 in the previous three games in the region.

Krisztina Egerszegi: Every child shall learn to swim!

The five-time Olympic champion takes part in swimming after a long time.

RB Leipzig: "We are excited to see how Szoboszlai can play"

Jesse Marsch said in an exclusive interview with our portal that he doesn't think the club has reached its top yet.

Legia: FTC has also financially benefited from my selling – Ihor Kharatin

"I think it's a great achievement that we've been champions for three seasons in a row. It's not easy to do anywhere."

György Mezey: eight decades with the ball

The head coach who led the Hungarian national football team in the last World Cup turned 80 years old.

Hungarian national team: Nothing is lost yet, the mathematical odds still live on – Rossi

Gulácsi was a bit disoriented at half-time, and the head coach can no longer count on the Leipzig squad against Andorra.

Hungarian national team: We can lose, but not like this – Marco Rossi

“Although their one player’s market value is more than our entire team, I’m very disappointed.”

Chelsea jersey in honor of the Hungarian Golden Team

The London Blues played in red, white and green in the 1970s, which was inspired by Puskás' football.

Hungarian National Team: We shouldn’t show fear against the British – Rossi

„We have experience of what it is like to play against stronger opponents on paper and the difficulties we may face.”

Ancient Anglo-Hungarian football friendship with cool and distant decades

History left a mark on football mentors’ relationship between coaches and players.

Asia's champion and C. Ronaldo in Nagyerdei Stadion

The Qatari guests could spend 100 million forints in Debrecen in the week ahead of us.

Zsolt Kalmár: My recovery is progressing very well

Zsolt Kalmár, who went under surgery in May, already sees the light at the end of the tunnel, works hard to return.

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