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Augusztus 5., Csütörtök
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Tótka Sándor - Kajak-kenu (férfi kajak egyes 200 méter)
Lőrincz Tamás - Birkózás (kötöttfogás 77 kg)
Kopasz Bálint - Kajak-kenu (férfi kajak egyes 1000 méter)
Milák Kristóf - Úszás (férfi 200 m pillangó)
Szilágyi Áron - vívás (kard egyéni)


Csipes Tamara - Kajak-kenu (női kajak egyes 500 méter)
Rasovszky Kristóf - Úszás (férfi 10 km)
Lőrincz Viktor - Birkózás (kötöttfogás 87 kg)
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2Egyesült ÁllamokUSA293527
5Orosz csapatROC162220
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Tokió 2020

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augusztus 5., csütörtök
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Bálint Kopasz: There could even be three Olympics for me

His mother sent him off by saying, "Don't let anyone else succeed!"

NK Osijek: I’ve received several offers, but I’m staying – Kleinheisler

The 37-time Hungarian national team midfielder does not rule out the possibility of changing clubs.

“Milák has gone past my expectations; he’s a world-class swimmer”

Hungary’s Olympic champion and silver medalist swimmer’s head coach, Attila Selmeci couldn’t believe what his athlete did.

Kristóf Milák: I chased after Dressel

"I can compete with someone on the 100 because there's an opponent I want to catch."

László Cseh: I wish everyone this many Olympics and an ending so beautiful

“If I'd watched this on TV at home, I'm sure I would've been angry with myself saying ‘I can achieve this result, too. Why am I not there?!'”

Tokyo 2020: I have the first one. Shall come the next one, the next one, the next one and so on – Milák

“I’m really not disappointed. Now that I have the medal in my hands, I feel better.”

Tokyo 2020: I can't quit like that – Katinka Hosszú

“If this Olympics was held last year, I wouldn't have swum like that.” She wouldn't have withdrawn from the 200m backstroke either.

Áron Szilágyi: I don’t want to be on cloud nine yet, I still have work to do

“We wrote motivating phrases for each of the five bouts, and I had to recite them before each round.”

Hanga: Real wanted me who irritated them a lot

„Barca’s head coach told me that he wanted me to stay, but I didn’t quite believe him.”

Ibrahimovic roots for Hungary’s 18-year-old hope

With the Olympics postponed, Omar Salim’s time has come. His coach had to choose between his two sons before qualifying.

Dzsudzsák: My goal is to get back on the Hungarian national team

The player of 108 caps doesn’t mind the younger ones teasing him – he’s also a jokester.

Bendegúz Bolla: This is what I’ve been training for since I was a child

„After we returned from the Austrian training camp with the Hungarian national team, the English club's offer was discussed during breakfast the next morning.”

Transfer: Wolverhampton and Grasshoppers also announced Bolla’s arrival

As NSO foreshadowed, the English team signed the defender from Fehérvár and loaned him to Switzerland.

Szoboszlai: I’ve recovered, and I’m coming back stronger

The Hungarian midfielder no longer misses out any exercise; he’ll return on Saturday.

Ádám Szalai: I always admit to my mistakes; that’s how I can look in the mirror

INTERVIEW. The attacker for Mainz and the Hungarian national team owes his success to his unwavering will.

Roland Sallai: Always hit within the posts

The attacker of Freiburg and the Hungarian national team will remember the marvelous games for the rest of his life.

Tokyo 2020: Just because people expect a lot from me, I won’t be better or worse – Milák

“It’s obvious I’m expected to the winner, which is fair because I’m the world record holder.”

Schäfer: When Lacika laid me on the ground, I cried

„I also got a message I wouldn't quote because my girlfriend might not react well to it...”

Say no to UEFA – György Szöllősi's opinion piece

NS OPINION. It would be good to make the counterproductive regulation realistic.

An outrageous decision by UEFA: three closed-door matches for the Hungarian national team

The penalty applies to the Nations League's next season • The third match is suspended for a probationary period of two years.

Fucsovics: I needed some time to realize what fairy tale I’d gotten into

“I’m still a little disappointed regarding the quarterfinal, but I’m happy that I got this far.”

EURO 2020: NB I players tied in playing the most from the region of Hungary

Endre Botka and András Schäfer are the record holders of the Hungarian and Slovakian topflight respectively.

Tokyo 2020: László Cseh and Aida Mohamed are the flag bearers at the opening ceremony

The MOB has asked two Olympians with determining roles in their sports for this task.

Euro 2020: the UEFA isn't concerned with the rainbow flag provocation in Munich

It seems that the European association using the double standard does not appear to be investigating the case, and the Bavarian Public Prosecutor's Office is reviewing it.

Endre Botka: Mbappé and players of similar caliber fear for their feet

FTC’s defender was ripe for the great opportunity; he’s ready to face the challenge abroad.

Tokyo 2020: 200 medley or 200 butterfly? This could be Katinka Hosszú’s dilemma

She could compete in three events as defending champion at the Olympics, but she'll only swim in two.

Attila Szalai: There are no words for the support received from fans

"My contract keeps me here for years, not the mention that I’m happy in Istanbul.”

The entire continent paid attention to Budapest – György Skardelli

The designer architect of the Puskás Arena said that the French fans were also captivated by the aura of the stadium, and they were happy when the Hungarians scored as well.

Willi Orbán: We were close to defy the odds in the group of death

According to the national team defender, Hungary couldn't have received a nicer "compliment" from the Germans than playing for time.

Euro 2020: What did the European Championship give me? Everything! – Schäfer

The Hungarian national team midfielder's career has changed enormously in just a year.

Marco Rossi almost quitted two years ago, but now he's not afraid of the team's fallback

Instead of quitting, he changed his selection principles, and now he wants to stay. He also talked about Schäfer's future, and the gossip from Naples.

Marco Rossi: Even the best fairy tales don't always have a happy ending

According to head coach Marco Rossi, the Hungarian national team performed in a way at the European Championship that every Hungarian can be proud of.

Lothar Matthäus: The Hungarians need to win...

The German world star would be happy with a draw at other times, but that wouldn't be good for either team now.

Willi Orbán: Congratulations to my teammates for having a chance to advance to the knockout phase

“It's a bad luck to contribute to the goals of the opponent, but it's part of our job, and it could happen.”

Euro 2020: Fiola could barely sleep after the match; re-watched his goal at least 300 times

“I always get it in the neck, but I don't take these negative comments to heart.”

Euro 2020: I’m surprised Deschamps knows who I am – Rossi

Nego: I live in Hungary, I’m part of this team, and I will fight for the Hungarian national team.

Basketball: I'm proud, I made history! – Ádám Hanga

“I'm the first Hungarian basketball player to win the Spanish Liga ACB. It's unbelievable!”

European Championship 2020: I put my hands up; it was also my bad - Rossi

The head coach blames himself because of the substitutions. He feels the team was doing well until the 84th minute.

Bierhoff: Through the past, we have respect for the Hungarians

The director of the German Football Association also spoke about the shared football history of the Hungarian and German national teams.

Rossi has revealed who the two Hungarian strikers will be against Portugal!

Ádám Szalai said that creating team unity is the most essential task of a team captain.

Ádám Nagy: We were all shocked by what had happened to Eriksen

“We'll do everything we can to start the tournament just as well as in France five years ago.”

Euro 2020: Mesut Özil also cheers for the Hungarian national team – Attila Szalai

Fener's center back believes the team needs to strive for perfection. Bogdán doesn't think he’ll play at all.

Euro 2020: Sigér revealed how to stop Cristiano Ronaldo!

Szabolcs Schön’s role model is the Portuguese legend. The winger knows it's not going to be his European Championship just yet, but he's happy for every minute to be there.

It would be unfair to talk about the Hungarians in a demeaning way – Nuno Gomes

“The Hungarian team is good. The opponents in the group with a bigger chance have to prove themselves on the pitch, too.”

The world has changed drastically for the German team, according to Béla Réthy

Rossi's team could even catch the Portuguese, according to the ZDF commentator of Hungarian descent.

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